2017’s graphic design trends

With Pantone crowning its colour for 2017 as ‘Greenery’, aptly titled for its meaning ‘new beginning, freshness and environmentalism; graphic design trends will take a step back to ‘organic roots’ and all things natural. Minimalist, Environmental and Bold.

Below are some of 2017’s graphic design trends that are worth following, ranging from layout and typography to animated logos and cinemagraphs.

1. Pattern and Geometric shapes

Patterns with simple typography will bring a ‘craft’ vibe to print artwork. Flat design and pattern will lend to creating vibrant and colourful artwork for packaging and products. In theme with the natural connotations of Pantones 2017 Greenery colour, expect to see packaging and products with organic lines and shapes and patterns inspired by natural elements eg. wood, marble, plants.

©Naked Ideas

2. Bright bold and vibrant colours

Bright bold and vibrant colours – Bright and bold colours will take the place of the previously dominant white black and grey neutral colour schemes. Pantones colour of the year is Greenery and in line with this designers will utilise and intensify colours commonly found in nature. Bright colours can stand out on a neutral backdrop allowing companies to remain close to their original branding but still benefit from a fresh look with pops of colour.

©IWANT Design

3. Modern Retro

A modern flare added to retro designs is a mix that has been circling for a while. Retro design typefaces and colour palettes infuse the old with the new. This popular design trend can be applied to logo design, print layout, web and packaging design with a more colourful palette being adopted.


4. Modular layout

Modular layouts act as a function to break up information and put it into manageable chunks. Consumers are consistently torn between competing devices and information to grab their attention which means that easily digestible information is a must. This concept is incredibly advantageous to web design, making text more manageable will encourage consumers to interact with it and could become increasingly popular in print and packaging design.

©Design Shack

5. Colour transitions

Logos, buttons and picture overlays for print and web design will begin to move from flat colour to multi coloured transitions within the same register.


6. Animated logos

Animated logos are becoming an increasingly popular tool to demand consumer attention. Marketers can use animation as a tool to instantly stand out from their competition using eye-catching colours and creative motion to direct a consumers focal point. Again colour transitions and a bold palette are favourite in ensuring your logo is as noticeable as possible.


7. Bold photography and sleek text

By teaming eye-catching photography with sleek and easy to read text, brands can communicate a clear and easily identifiable message without losing audience attention. Photography will be bold and saturated to accompany the new bold and vibrant colour scheme it will be teamed with. Clean and easy to read text will overlay image to ensure a message is instantly communicated. This photography / text combination is effective for display adverts, social media promos, simple graphics.

©Fabian De Lange

8. Cinemagraph

Competitive marketing has been pushing brands to find new ways to engage audiences with stand out marketing. With time against them, marketers strive to find the next best way to create engaging, memorable and stand out marketing material to capture consumer attention. Enter the cinemagraph, unlike a gif, cinemagraph’s are still-images with a partial element moving within. This design technique brings still images to life and directs the audience gaze to a moving focal point.


9. Minimalism

With a generation of consumers that want information quick, clear and concise, brands can benefit from minimal design with clean typography and simple strong colours. Intentional white space also offers reduced focal points, breathability and simplicity to communicate a clear message.


10. Material Design

Google have created a style guide which aims to simplify the way designers create and the users interact with online content. The underlying concept of this bold new trend is using “material as a metaphor; bold, graphic, intentional; and motion provides meaning.” Adding depth to design by using bold colour, contrast and typography that draws inspiration from real-world materials drawing inspiration particularly from paper and ink, designers can utilise visual aesthetics to communicate clearly with the user, guiding their behaviour as you desire.


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Let's build something together